I fall in love with people when I’m alone with them. Whether its romantically or platonic… I truly fall in love with who they are when I’m alone with them, when they bare their soul to me with no facade up. 

So when we are together, around other people, and they begin to act different… Pretending to be who they are not.. I start to fall out of love. And it’s deeply saddening.


Change in People

Do not try to change people. They are who they are. You cannot force change on them. If you do, they will flee, or build resentment and fight the change. If you wish for someone to change, you must simply take a step back. You can always make suggestions, but there is no guarantee they will listen. People can only change themselves.

Now, you may inspire them to change. They may look up to you and think, “Wow, I could be so much better for them.” 
They may also ask for your help. This is key. You cannot force change, but when asked for help, you may provide support and/or assistance. 

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